Rebecca and Mike 5/30/2015 This video was the beginning of summit farm weddings! Many additions and upgrades have been made since then, but we still love these sweet memories. Enjoy this video of the first wedding & reception ever held at Summit Farm! On this day in 2015, we didn't even know we would become a venue and meet so many wonderful people. But God had a sweet plan for us.

Laura and Nate

This sweet couple got married on my birthday! I was so surprised when the sweet bride, Laura, got out of the car and handed me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday, on HER Wedding Day!  They are very special to us. 

Christie and Ryan

Christie and Ryan are a very special couple, truly genuine in every way.   We felt very blessed to share in their wonderful wedding day! 

Amber and Cody

Amber and Cody got married just as Summit Farm was beginning to grow into a new venue.  Their wedding was beautiful and they now have a sweet little girl added to their family.  We are so happy they chose Summit Farm and now they can come back for family pictures:)

Mady and Joe

This beautiful wedding vision was created by the sweet bride, Madison.  She knew what she wanted from the very beginning. She is a Red Rose Girl! We loved sharing this special day with Mady and Joe!